The Band


Lulu Sylvester

  • Also known as Lady Lulu.  Her voice is phenomenal and the best in the business.  Whether she is crooning a soft, heart-felt ballad or belting out a rocker, you will fall in love with Lulu.   Lulu was also the lead singer of the Midwest Heart Tribute Band, Allies, and shared the stage with Mickey Thomas of Starship.  When she sang a Heart song, you couldn't tell if it was Ann Wilson or Lulu!   She also sang in the Jim Guter Big Band Orchestra, and the John Burnett Orchestra showing her jazz influences of Ella Fitzgerald and Keely Smith.   Lulu has also performed her tribute to the songs of Lady Gaga and Adele.  Her voice is second to none!    And when she isn't singing covers, Lulu writes her own songs in Band of Two, with her husband, Doug.   Lulu also plays guitar and piano.

Doug Sylvester

  • Doug loves to write songs and play original music.  He also enjoys playing drums in a cover band with good friends.   Through the years you may have heard or seen Doug perform in other bands, such as Sahara, Copperhead, Goldilocks, Pale Hero and the Eccentrics.   Doug's bands have also shared the stage with Off Broadway, Flock of Seagulls, Ides of March, and Foghat.   A solid drummer with all the versatility needed for Cover Story, Doug will get you dancing.


  • It's great to have friends in the band!   Ric played guitar with Tommy DeMichael for years.   He also teaches guitar, and enjoys writing, too.  With Ric's versatility and ability to adjust to all the various songs of Cover Story, Ric fits right in.   

Tom DeMichael

  • Tommy is back!    Tom was in Cover Story for many years as the guitarist.    He will be playing keys and adding his great vocals and harmonies.   Great to have Tommy D. back!

John Shields

  • John is the man behind the scenes.  He's the guy that puts everything together, from cords, plugs, speakers, monitors, lights etc.  He makes the band sound even better!